Monday, November 26, 2012

My Statistics.

My Blog’s statistics

Thanks to the Statistics tab available on the blogger page, I figured out that my blog had been visited 220 times since I created it. The majority of people come from the United States and the rest is from Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, Algeria and Netherlands, which is very surprising because I though only my classmates would visit my blog. Apparently not J
 Most of the page views (74 %) are seen by the operating system Windows and the second most used one is Macintosh for 21%. As regard pageviews by browsers, the most used is Internet Explorer for 42%, closely followed by Firefox with 31%, then by Safari and Chrome with respectively 12 for each.

My Facebook and Twitter’s statistics
I’ve created my Facebook account four years ago and I have now 533 Facebook friends.  On my Twitter account I have 65 followers and I am following 69 persons.

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  1. I don't have people from Algeria and Russia to visit my blog, you have a good diversity of visitors :)